Our ReStores are a Habitat for Humanity social enterprise; they exist as a business entity and are designed to make money in a socially responsible way. The money that is made by the ReStores is used to support our efforts to build homes for hardworking Nova Scotian families who partner with Habitat for Humanity.

myth #1

The ReStores are thrift stores/only sell used furniture.
No! The ReStores thrive on the generous donation of used good from business and consumers and the donation of new/unused building materials, furniture, fixtures, lighting, appliances and more.

We regularly receive donations from major retailers locally, and through a program operated by Habitat for Humanity Canada that sources national donations.

myth #2

The ReStores mark everything down by 50% off retail prices.
We don’t actually adhere to any specific markdown. Some things are marked down significantly more than 50% of the going retail value!

myth #3

The ReStores exist to support low-income families who need help furnishing their homes.
The Nova Scotia ReStores exist to support Habitat for Humanity Nova Scotia’s efforts to help hardworking Nova Scotian families achieve homeownership. This means the ReStores are a revenue generation stream for Habitat for Humanity Nova Scotia. Because the ReStores are a social enterprise, they have an increased focus on generating revenue in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Both our ReStores have a variety of items to suit every budget. The donations we accept are carefully curated so that we have excellent quality pieces that we’re able to offer customers at very reasonable prices.

myth #4

The ReStores are too expensive.
Our ReStore teams have a lot of experience in researching and pricing the donations we get so that our shoppers get a great deal – while at the same time being responsible in terms of our commitment to raise funds to build homes for our Habitat for Humanity partner families.

In addition to the very low cost, high-quality items we have in stock, we often carry new and unused donations from high-end name brand designers and stores; these are priced accordingly and offer an excellent bargain to shoppers interested in those pieces.

There is literally something for everyone – and every budget – at our ReStores!

myth #5

ReStore Staff are super helpful and happy.
This one is true. Kinda.

We do have incredibly hardworking staff who devote many hours to the cause, but most of the people you interact with in our ReStores are dedicated volunteers who cheerfully give their time to help you find just the right bargain for your home or project. (Thank-you, all!)

The stores are approximately 98% volunteer run. That cashier? Probably a volunteer. The person who helped you find the exact right box of tile for your backsplash? Usually a volunteer. The person unloading your donations in +30 or -30 degree weather? You guessed it…volunteer.

myth #6

Habitat staff will help you load and secure your purchases.
Sorry! We can’t always help you load your purchases, sometimes the store is too busy to spare the volunteers, and sometimes our staff and/or volunteers are not physically able to help. We always help when we can (that’s kind of our thing…helping) but if you’re planning to make a large purchase, it’s best to assume you will need a hand loading it and bring a friend (or two).

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Habitat for Humanity Nova Scotia and our ReStores. For more details check out our ReStore page and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us, we will be happy to answer them!

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