Habitat for Humanity Nova Scotia is pleased to announce that effective December 1st, Lauren Sears will become board chair.  

Lauren joined Habitat Nova Scotia’s Board of Directors in 2020. She has expertise in social enterprise and purpose-led business models and has spent her career in Nova Scotia start-ups, including co-founding an employment strategy and recruitment firm and supporting the launch of 45 other social enterprises in the province. An ecosystem-builder by trade, Lauren has an educational background in psychology, business, and organizational behavior. This combined with her 14 years of coaching high-performance sport has nurtured her curiosity for developing people and teams.  

Lauren Sears replaces Kevin Riles as board chair, who stepped down after two terms as chair. Kevin joined Habitat Nova Scotia’s Board of Directors in July 2017 and has held the role of board chair since November of that year. In the absence of an executive director at Habitat Nova Scotia in 2020, Kevin provided operational leadership to the organization and led the successful recruitment of Habitat Nova Scotia’s new Executive Director, Donna Williamson, who joined the organization in March 2021. “After four years as serving as Habitat Nova Scotia’s Board Chair and reflecting upon my term, I am excited that our Administration led by Executive Director Donna Williamson and new Board Chair Lauren Sears will ‘take up the mantle’ of evolving, growing and expanding Habitat for Humanity Nova Scotia’s 30-year presence as a leader in serving Nova Scotia families by providing safe, decent and affordable housing. Lauren, since becoming a director has exhibited incredible energy, passion and dedication to the Habitat mission, which reflects her professional/personal life’s work as a social enterprise advocate and entrepreneur. Lauren is the right Chair, at the right time to provide leadership at the Board level for the next step in the Habitat Nova Scotia journey.” Kevin W. Riles, Past HFHNS Chair

“The contributions of volunteers are critical to advancing the mission of Habitat for Humanity Nova Scotia, especially during difficult times like those we’ve experienced recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I would like to acknowledge Kevin’s contributions and thank him for his service to Habitat for Humanity Scotia”, said Donna Williamson, Executive Director. “At this time, I would also like to thank our other departing board members – Jeff Gardner, Cameron MacNeil, Peter Rumscheidt, Glenn Munro, Thomas Bagogloo and Angela Langille – for their contributions.”

Habitat Nova Scotia, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2022, is committed to providing safe and affordable housing to low income working families in Nova Scotia. Since 1992, with the support of volunteers, donors and community partners, the organization has helped 72 Nova Scotia families realize their homeownership dreams. The organization is currently planning to embark on the largest Habitat development in Canada, the Habitat Way project. This development will see 70 new homes built in Spryfield over the next 5 years. These homes will be a combination of duplexes, townhouses, and stackable townhouses.  


“Habitat Nova Scotia is poised to do great things in the coming years and I’m excited to take on this new role and welcome new board members. We are grateful for the community support we have received so far for the Habitat Way project and look forward to continuing our fundraising efforts so that we can continue to build on the organization’s great work”, said incoming Board Chair Lauren Sears. 

Under Lauren’s leadership the board of directors will recruit eight new board members. Habitat Nova Scotia welcomes applications from interested candidates at Board Member (Volunteer) – Habitat for Humanity Nova Scotia (habitatns.ca)  

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