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Spryfield, Nova Scotia

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“They didn’t believe me at first.” Alyson says of telling the kids that they’d been accepted as a Habitat Partner Family and would soon be Habitat Homeowners.

Alyson Young was forced to give up her job after being diagnosed with MS. Never one to accept defeat, the single mom of three made the tough decision to return to school; she’s now a full-time student pursuing a degree in Psychology. Finding accommodations that she could afford and were also safe and large enough to house three active, growing kids proved nearly impossible, “Like a can of sardines,” she says of the apartment they all share.

While searching online for affordable housing solutions Alyson discovered Habitat for Humanity NS and completed the application process. A short while later she was surprised to receive a phone call from our Family Services Coordinator with follow up questions.

Alyson immediately found time to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and has been a strong and vocal advocate for the work the organization does to provide affordable housing in Nova Scotia. Between serving customers at the Dartmouth ReStore and working the donation line, she always finds time to share Habitat’s message on her social media feeds.

Now that they’ve had time to think about it, 12 year-old Chloe, who wants to be a fashion designer in Paris when she’s older, is most excited about having her own room for the first time in her life. 10 year-old Everett is looking forward to having a yard to play in and maybe adding another pet to their family, he’s a huge fan of animals, his mother calls him a Dr. Doolittle, and already has rescue cats to love. 15 year-old Lily is looking forward to settling back into school in the O2 program she’s part of and continuing to explore her passion for art in the family’s new, spacious home.

As for Alyson, she’s looking forward to a place she can truly call her own, “It’s something that I thought I would never have. It gives you a sense a freedom.” and as for the little details that make a place unique? “I can finally have a red door; I’ve always wanted a red door. It makes me feel like a grown up.”

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