poplar street, stellarton

Stellarton, Nova Scotia

“Homeownership is important to us because it is not only an investment in our future, but also to our kids’ futures.”

When Kaitlyn saw a post on social media about a new Habitat for Humanity build coming to Stellarton, she thought it was too good to be true. After reading about the opportunity and the organization, she realized it was indeed true, and knew their family would be a great fit.

And she’s right – they are! Habitat for Humanity’s core concept is to help families by providing them with “a hand up, not a hand out”, and this really spoke to Kaitlyn and Nelson. This unique opportunity bridges a gap for them, enabling them to make their dream of being homeowners a reality. It’s also important for Kaitlyn and Nelson that their son, four-year-old Jaxon, has the ability to see first-hand what the kindness of those in their community can achieve. The volunteer aspect of Habitat is very meaningful for them both, and they can’t wait to complete all 500 hours of sweat equity by working directly on the house alongside those who volunteer.

“As parents, everything we do is for our children, and being able to give them a yard to play in and a home to make memories with their family in means the world.”

Kaitlyn and Nelson are looking forward to putting down roots for their family and having a home to make their own and raise their children in. Next to family and friends, Jaxon also loves school and sports, especially basketball and fishing, and is a terrific big brother to seven-month-old Lila. Lila is best friends with their family pet, Marvin the cat, and it makes her happy when people smile and talk to her. Jaxon’s definition of “home” is enough to melt anyone’s heart: “where me and mommy and daddy and baby Lila are..and my toys”. The whole family shares this sentiment – home to them is where they are together.

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