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It is clear now that I will be able to raise my children in a stable home.

Last fall Heather-Ann, a single mother of four children, almost lost hope when she was feeling the overwhelming stress of finding yet another affordable, decent place for her family to live. Then she learned about Habitat for Humanity’s affordable homeownership program, and realized there might be a way for her to improve their situation. It was after meeting with someone from the local family resource centre, who was aware of Heather-Ann’s difficult housing circumstances, that she found out Habitat Nova Scotia was planning to build a home in her community. That day, Heather-Ann applied to be a Habitat Partner Family.

Heather-Ann and her children were ecstatic upon hearing that their application was successful. For the Slade family, knowing that they will not have to move again for the foreseeable future is a feeling of great relief; a feeling they have not had in a long time. Since 2011, Heather-Ann and her children have moved a total of nine times due to a combination of increasing rent prices, inadequate space for the children, and costs of heating in the winter. This pattern of moving into similar situations has created a great deal of anxiety for a family who is simply trying to settle down and grow together under one roof.

and enjoys listening to music and spending time with her friends. Jalyn, 12 years old, is about to start Grade 8 and loves gymnastics. The youngest of the family, Asher, is 16 months old and is the light of their lives that holds them all together.

The Slade family are very close and spend a great deal of time together. Her eldest son is 19 years old and is currently enlisted in the Canadian Military. Jolie, 14 years old, is just entering grade 9

When we were told that we were chosen to partner with Habitat, I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I cried. I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders. It is clear now that I will be able to raise my children in a stable home – no more moving!

Both Jolie and Jalyn will be volunteering with the YMCA to help contribute towards the sweat equity hours for their new home, while Heather-Ann will be volunteering at the build site whenever her work schedule allows. The Slade family also has a wonderful group of family and friends who are excited to be a part of the project and are ready to help make this home a reality for Heather-Ann and her children.

Thank you!
Heather-Ann, Jolie, Jalyn and Asher

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