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Spryfield, Nova Scotia

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When I found out we were accepted I was very emotional, extremely happy and somewhat speechless. This opportunity means that I will be able to own a safe and healthy home for both my son and I.

Thomasina Martin and her 14-year-old son, Nyrell, moved into their current home roughly a year and a half ago and have been trying to improve their living situation ever since. The conditions in their home are not ideal, as the walls are full of mold in both the basement and the bedrooms, as well as in certain areas of the living room. Additionally, the house itself lacks proper insulation, making it very cold in the winter and damp in the summer for the Martin family.

To complicate matters even further the current house uses electric heat, leaving Thomasina with an above-average heating bill every two months. When Thomasina read about Habitat for Humanity’s homeownership program from an ad online, she realized that she could have the opportunity to make changes to better her and Nyrell’s life. In winter 2016, Thomasina applied online for the Habitat program; by the summer the Martin Family learned they were accepted into the program and were so relieved.

Both Thomasina and Nyrell will benefit greatly from the new home and the new neighbourhood. The home itself will provide better living conditions, meaning less financial stress on Thomasina as a single mother to create a safe and healthy environment for her son.

While the neighbourhood they are moving into will allow Nyrell to play and grow up with children his age in a family-oriented community. Thomasina will be joined by family and friends to help complete their sweat equity volunteer hours on the build site and through other volunteer opportunities.

Nyrell is the joy of Thomasina’s life. As a family, they enjoy taking road trips, walking the dogs (two yorkies named Quila and Chewy) and playing board games. As an active teenager, Nyrell is a talented basketball player who loves playing video games, practicing parkour and hanging out with his friends. Now he’ll be able to do all of these things knowing he has a stable life and a place to call home.

Thank you!
Thomasina and Nyrell

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