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Spryfield, Nova Scotia

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We are thriving in our new home

What Habitat for Humanity has helped us achieve is greater than we could have ever imagined. Walking into my own home for the first time was something that brought me to tears, and I still find myself stopping once in a while just to appreciate the place my family now gets to call home. We are thriving in our new home; the new space is allowing us to grow in ways a tiny two bedroom apartment would have never been able to.

Carly recently registered for university courses and Chloe is applying to upgrade her high school classes so she can pursue dermatology – they both feel immensely thankful for their own spaces that allow them to study quietly and breathe through the stress that comes with higher education. Candace has joined several clubs at her new school, including Girl’s Space and their GSA. She’s also received comments from her teachers about how well she’s grown from being quiet and nervous since starting at her new school.

I now have a room big enough to double as an office, which has let me work more fluidly without forcing my kids to tiptoe around to avoid disturbing me. I also have a home that isn’t embarrassing to have work clients or personal friends visit. And, of course, our cutest family member, Hercules (see right), loves meeting all the local dogs and going for walks in the neighborhood; he wants to thank Habitat for giving him a chance to get really good at climbing stairs and running from Carly’s room to the front door.

Thank You!
Monique, Carly, Chloe & Candace (& Hercules)

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