Little River Road, Oxford

Oxford, Nova Scotia

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“We have moved around quite a bit, so I’m really excited for Caleb to finally be able to settle into something permanent and build some memories.”

It was in April 2016 when Kale, a single father to seven-year-old Caleb, witnessed the completion of a new Habitat for Humanity Nova Scotia home within their community of Oxford, Nova Scotia. Not long after seeing a family like his own move into the brand new safe, affordable home, Kale was motivated to make the same change for his family. In the summer of 2017, Kale went to the Habitat website, filled out the pre-application, and from there the rest was history.

For nearly the last decade, Kale and Caleb have been moving around several apartments and other rental units in Antigonish, New Glasgow and Truro; denying Kale and Caleb the chance to truly settle down as a family. After arriving in the Town of Oxford last year, Kale began renting a mini-home from his employer, Oxford Frozen Foods, Canada’s largest supplier of frozen blueberries and a major supporter of Habitat Nova Scotia.

However, since the mini-homes are only rented out during blueberry harvest season, along with the reality that there are few rental options in the area, the Bingley’s had little choice but to move in with one of Kale’s coworkers. They were relieved, to say the least, after hearing their application to partner with Habitat was accepted and they would now have a long-term solution to call home.

The Bingley’s new home will be the second of a 10-home development that will eventually be made up of a small community of Habitat Partner Families. For Caleb, the opportunity to grow and build memories with his friends, while also being a quick sprint from school is something he hasn’t experi- enced before.
Like his father, Caleb is an outgoing boy who enjoys being outdoors and staying active. When he is not playing baseball or soccer, you can find him walking their dog, Cooper. As a family, the Bingley’s do everything together, whether it’s taking Cooper for a walk or just hanging out and watching a movie, Kale and Caleb are like any other family.

“This house means a lot to me. I’m at the point in my life where I don’t want to rent any more. I want to start investing into a place of my own, a place where I see myself living for a long time. Like I said, we’ve moved around quite a bit so I’m really excited for Caleb to finally be able to settle into something permanent and build some memories there.”

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