At Habitat for Humanity Nova Scotia, we believe the most important way for families to gain self-reliance, stability, and security is through affordable homeownership. With the Affordable Homeownership Program, we are able to build homes and provide families with interest-free mortgages that are geared towards their income (payments are capped at 30% of gross income). The families we partner with are willing and ready to take on the responsibility of homeownership through dedication, perseverance, and hard-work.

 A Habitat home provides a foundation for a family where they can flourish and grow. Strong and stable homes help to build strong and stable communities. Through the Affordable Homeownership Program, families are able to secure safe and affordable living conditions, pursue opportunities, and have more financial stability. More and more families are in the cycle of unsafe and overcrowded living conditions, unpredictable rent increases, and a lack of access to affordable financing through traditional mortgages. Habitat for Humanity Nova Scotia’s Affordable Homeownership Program helps homeowner’s break free from this unforgiving system and allows them to develop and grow the skills they need to invest in themselves, their families, and their communities. 

 Our Affordable Homeownership Program doesn’t only benefit our current partner families, monthly mortgage payments made by homeowners get deposited into a revolving fund, held by Habitat for Humanity Nova Scotia. What does this mean? Well, this fund is reinvested directly back into the Affordable Homeownership Program, helping us help even more families in their journey towards homeownership.

 Our impact is only as strong as the partnerships we form with our homeowners. And in order for our Affordable Homeownership Program to be successful, we need to ensure that our homeowners are a good fit. For this reason, our Homeowner Selection Process is quite rigorous. When selecting a potential homeowner, we consider the family’s level of need, their willingness to partner and their ability to pay their interest-free and geared-to-income mortgage.

A working family?

Living in sub-standard and/or unsafe housing conditions?

Willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity by volunteering?

If so, you may qualify to partner with Habitat for Humanity!

If you’ve reviewed our homeowner criteria and think you and your family might be eligible to become a Habitat for Humanity Nova Scotia future homeowner, we encourage you to fill and submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) form. An EOI is the first step towards becoming a future Habitat homeowner. Once submitted, Habitat for Humanity Nova Scotia's Homeowner Services will review your submission to ensure that it meets our minimum requirements. If your EOI meets the minimum requirements, you will be invited to attend a Homeownership 101 session where you will receive a full application. The full application helps our Homeowner Services further determine whether or not an applicant is the proper fit for the program. All Habitat homeowner selections are reviewed and approved by our Family Selection Committee.

NOTE: Where we build, what we build, the criteria for these future projects, and our mortgage model may differ depending on available resources and the community in which we are building. As a result, our application process may vary and be subject to change.

Still unsure? Feel free to contact us.


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